49 Beautiful Heart Shaped Bokeh Photos

Shaped bokeh is a fantastic way to add an extra creative touch to your photos. Check out these amazing, inspiring examples of heart shaped bokeh.

Bokeh is the quality of the blurry parts of your photos. It's a fascinating subject in its own right, making background lights look luscious and blur look beautiful.

You can get even more creative by using filters to shape your bokeh. Hearts are one of the most popular choices because of their simple, elegant shape and the positive emotions we associate with them. Here are some inspiring examples of the very best heart shaped bokeh images.

Paper heart with shaped bokeh background

Image by jessicahtam.

Blue and pink heart shaped bokeh

Image by inoc.

Heart bokeh

Image by youngthousands.

Blue heart bokeh on a black background

Image by Olga.

Puppet with heart bokeh background

Image by Eirik Solheim.

Lots of small, colourful heart shaped lights

Image by Douglas Haase.

Robot figure standing in front of red heart shaped bokeh

Image by Takashi Hososhima.

Multi coloured heart shape lights

Image by Jeffrey Smith.

Blue heart bokeh on black

Image by Iouri Goussev.

Orange heart shape lights with reflections in water

Image by Brandon Giesbrecht.

Lots of blue heart shaped lights

Image by IrfaanPhotography.

White heart bokeh with one red heart

Image by Luke Hayfield.

Fairy light heart bokeh

Image by Demi-Brooke.

Cat with heart bokeh

Image by Joshin Yamada.

White heart shape bokeh on white background

Image by Susan O'Connor.

Christmas tree lights blurred in heart shapes

Image by yenna.

Heart shaped water reflections

Image by Nishanth Jois.

Blue and red heart bokeh

Image by JU SEOK OH.

Rose in front of heart shaped candle bokeh

Image by Yannick Garcia.

Heart shaped lights

Image by Sarah-Rose.

Purple heart bokeh

Image by George Deputee.

Blurry night lights shaped like hearts

Image by Imprint of Hanoi.

Heart bokeh of light through trees

Image by kitkatscrapper.

Food with heart bokeh

Image by Brothers Le.

Believe statue in front of Christmas tree bokeh

Image by Allie Holzman.

Trumpeter model with heart bokeh backdrop

Image by Francesca Cappa.

Red and green heart shaped bokeh

Image by Matt Janicki.

Paper heart in front of daylight heart bokeh

Image by Leland Francisco.

Single red heart light through a window

Image by Julia Warshall.

Sculpture in front of heart bokeh

Image by Ruben Alexander.

Brightly colour heart shape lights

Image by M I T C H Ǝ L L.

Red and white heart shaped lights

Image by Vestman.

Blue and white heart shaped blurry lights

Image by George Deputee.

Multi colour heart bokeh shapes

Image by Brandon Giesbrecht.

Orange heart shapes

Image by Mali S. Nichols-Hadorn.

White and yellow heart bokeh

Image by kozumel.

Stormtropper in front of pink heart shaped bokeh

Image by JD Hancock.

Black andwhite heart bokeh

Image by Dizão Gonçalves.

White heart shape lights with red at centre

Image by Eli Christman.

White blurry heart shapes

Image by Robert Cooke.

Heart bokeh from daylight through branches

Image by A. Pagliaricci.

Purple heart bokeh

Image by koppdesign.

Lots of small heart shaped lights

Image by JFXie.

Lots of tiny heart shaped lights from raindrops

Image by Mackenzie Brunson.

Warm coloured heart bokeh

Image by Andrea Smith.

Blurry heart shape Christmas tree lights

Image by Emily.

White heart bokeh on white background

Image by Evelyn Flint.

Outdoor dining table with heart lights behind

Image by RedBull Trinker.

Woman in front of heart shaped bokeh

Image by Isabel Bloedwater.

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